Biography: My Story

Little did I know that my first harp, a half-broken, gold angel decorated harp (bought without my mother’s knowledge), would lead to a vocation I love. I couldn’t afford lessons for years, but finally took private lessons from some of the top players and protégées of Carlos Salzedo, the great harp innovator and composer.

During my more than twenty years of professional performing in D.C., Baltimore and now around the Denver area, I’ve played at the Russell Senate Office Building, The Capitol, The Cosmos Club, The Elkridge Furnace Inn, many private functions, well over one thousand weddings, and for high teas at the Fort Collins Hilton.

My performance repertoire includes weddings, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, funerals, memorial services, teas and parties. Some years ago, I started using an amplifier-a cordless one for outdoor events; it allows the music to project and can be adjusted so it doesn’t overwhelm (and it certainly saves fingers). That, along with strings, tuner, emergency tools, sheet music and the harp itself, often makes me think I don’t really charge for playing–just for loading.

But, it’s worth it when I finally play. Those descriptions of “ethereal” and “heavenly” and “relaxing” and “elegant” are all true. People love the harp. And, I get to play it! So, I hope you’ll let me play for you, or if you’re engaged, for both of you.

Mary Ellen Holmes

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